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Millennial Reviews XXVII: The Far Call by Gordon R. Dickson (1973)

The Far Call

By Gordon R. Dickson  

12 Feb, 2000

Millennial Reviews


The Far Call
Gordon R. Dickson
Dell, 1977 [1973]
414 pages

Synopsis: A six-nation joint project to put a team of men on Mars is about to come to fruition. Jens Wylie, Undersecretary for the Development of Space, tries to warn the powers that be that the astronauts are overscheduled and is ignored. A low level engineer tries to warn of a worrying increase in problems in the twin space- craft’s laser communication systems and is ignored on the grounds that while problems increased, they are well within spec. Gervais, an Air Force Intel type is keeping an eye on Jens, among other people, and is increasingly unhappy with a colleague’s inability to do his job.

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