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Lost Voices 6: The Wanting of Levine by Michael Halberstam

The Wanting of Levine

By Michael Halberstam  

25 Apr, 2000

Lost Voices


The Wanting of Levine

Michael Halberstam

Berkley Books [1978]

458 pages

Synopsis: it’s 1988, the decline of the US has proceeded ever further, and the popular President1 Bigelow has declined to stand for re-election. Senator Rackey looks likely to get the Democratic Party nomination until he murders his wife. This is eventually seen as an unsurmountable barrier to election and so his supporters must look around for someone else to run. A.L. Levine, who has worked for the Democratic Party for years, accidentally has his name added to a list of possibles the party wants to test for political viability. He tests very strongly and eventually gets the green light to vie for the position of Democratic candidate for the President and subsequently, if he wins, to run for President against the Republican candidate.

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