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Millennial Reviews XXX: After Things Fell Apart by Ron Goulart (1970)

After Things Fell Apart

By Ron Goulart  

13 Feb, 2000

Millennial Reviews


After Things Fell Apart
Ron Goulart
Ace, 1970
189 pages

It would have been funny to have some extremely raunchy sex-SF in this spot. I don’t seem to own any.

Synopsis: Jim Haley is an agent of the Private Investigation Office in San Francisco (or Frisco’, as the young folks call it in ATFA) Enclave some years after the collapse of the USA and an abortive Chinese invasion. A terrorist called Lady Day and her gang of mankillers is kidnapping prominent men in the SFE region and killing them. The PIO wants this to stop and Haley is sent to look into a lead out of SFE, into the jumble of microstates surrounding SFE.

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