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You Kill Me With Your Touch

Swordspoint  (Riverside, book 1)

By Ellen Kushner  

4 Feb, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


1987’s Swordspoint is the first novel in Ellen Kushner’s secondary-universe melodrama-of-manners Riverside series. 

Richard St. Vier ventures out of disreputable Riverside into the fashionable Hill to kill … but only when he has a contract. The aristocrats who call the Hill home have a taste for lethal arguments over points of honour. When they do not feel up to the task of gentlemanly murder, they employ professional duelists like St. Vier to fight in their stead. Everyone wins! Except for the losers, who are too dead to care. 

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Footprints on The Sands Of Time

The Four Profound Weaves: a Birdverse Book

By R. B. Lemberg  

29 Dec, 2020

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R. B. Lemberg’s 2020 The Four Profound Weaves: a Birdverse Book is their debut novel. It is set in their Birdverse world, where individual gender can be fluid, but socially sanctioned gender roles are narrowly defined.

Two companions set out into the Great Burri Desert, which is not too distant from the city of Iyar. Uiziya craves knowledge. Nen-sasaïr — the nameless — wants a name. 

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When the World Comes In

The Angel of the Crows

By Katherine Addison  

21 Oct, 2020

Miscellaneous Reviews


Katherine Addison’s 2020 The Angel of the Crows is a standalone gas-lamp fantasy. 

Near-fatally savaged by a fallen angel encountered in Afghanistan, Dr. J. H. Doyle, late of Her Majesty’s Imperial Armed Forces Medical Corps, returns home to England. Doyle’s pension is small; living alone will be impossible. Doyle is forced to look for a flatmate. Doyle is painfully aware that it will be an odd flatmate indeed who will be able to tolerate the doctor’s quirks.

Odd flatmate found: Crow, a consulting detective. Crow is also an angel. 

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Though Cowards Flinch and Traitors Sneer

The Last Girl Scout

By Natalie Ironside  

15 Oct, 2020

Miscellaneous Reviews


Natalie Ironside’s 2020 The Last Girl Scout is a standalone post-apocalypse adventure. 

After the war, what was once the United States is a patchwork of pocket nations interspersed with radioactive wastelands overrun by zombie hordes. In the middle of one such wasteland lies an enigmatic structure known as the Citadel. The Ashland Confederated Republic decides to seize it. Result? Two companies march into the wasteland. Two survivors straggle back. 

Common sense would suggest that it would be wise to leave the Citadel alone. But when Ashland learns that another pocket nation is targeting the Citadel, it does what it should have done at first: send a scouting mission into the wasteland. Commissar Magnolia Mags” Blackadder very reluctantly agrees to join the mission. 

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The Games You Designed

Delan the Mislaid  (The Children of the Triad)

By Laurie J Marks  

3 Oct, 2020

Miscellaneous Reviews

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1989’s Delan the Mislaid is the first volume in Laurie J. Marks’ The Children of the Triad trilogy. 

The large and ungainly Delan has always been a poorly tolerated, genderless freak. When Teksan offers to buy Delan from the isolated Walker community that he calls home, the Walkers are more than happy to accept. 

Slaving for Teksan is an unappealing prospect. So is remaining in a village that sees Delan as either a burden or a commodity. It would seem that life is going to offer Delan very few favours. 

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Under a Golden Sun

Black Sun  (Between Earth and Sky, book 1)

By Rebecca Roanhorse  

29 Sep, 2020

Miscellaneous Reviews


2020’s Black Sun is the first volume of Rebecca Roanhorse’s projected secondary-universe fantasy trilogy, Between Earth and Sky. 

A god will return
When the earth and sky converge
Under the black sun

The Watchers decimated the Carrion Crow cultists on the Night of Knives, ensuring the ascendency of the Sun Priest: over the Meridian Continent, the city of Tova, and all other religions. A golden age of reason and order has begun, one that will last lifetimes.

Or so the Watchers believe. 

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She Got the Power

The Scapegracers  (Scapegracers, book 1)

By Hannah Abigail Clarke  

22 Sep, 2020

Miscellaneous Reviews

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2020’s The Scapegracers is the first volume in Hannah Abigail Clarke’s projected Scapegracers series. 

Offered forty dollars to spice up a pre-Halloween party with magic, social outcast Eloise Sideways” Pike takes what turns out to be the first step towards forming her own coven. Sideways’ magic is no sleight of hand. It is very real. 

Real magic always has consequences.

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When the World Is Breaking My Heart

The Midnight Bargain

By C. L. Polk  

31 Aug, 2020

Miscellaneous Reviews


C. L. Polk’s 2020 The Midnight Bargain is a secondary world fantasy, due out in October.

Beatrice Clayborn could be one of Chasland’s greatest magi — if only she were a man. But she is a woman and the only roles she’s allowed are those of wife and mother. Oh, she can do a little magic once she is too old to bear children, but even that permission is grudgingly given and strictly circumscribed. 

But women will hone their talents, disregarding patriarchal restrictions. There are grimoires intended for women, disguised but recognizable to those with talent. Beatrice, desperate to escape matrimony, has been methodically searching them out. The final volume she needs, the one that will permit her to summon a greater spirit and propose the pact of the great bargain,” thus becoming a mage of unquestionable power, is one quick purchase away. 

And then…

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