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Lost in the Wilderness

Search the Sky

By Frederik Pohl & Cyril Kornbluth  

20 May, 2019

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1954’s Search the Sky is a standalone(ish) science fiction novel. It was the second novel-length collaboration between Frederik Pohl and Cyril M. Kornbluth,.

Ross has lived his whole life on Halsey’s Planet. Somehow he senses what his fellows cannot or will not: population levels are slowly, inexorably declining. The future will be grim. 

Halsey’s Planet is just one of many worlds settled by humans. Contact with its sister worlds is intermittent, carried out by sublight longliners, smaller versions of the ships that delivered the original colonists to Halsey’s Planet fourteen centuries earlier. 

A longliner arrives with an inbred crew of happy idiots bearing an enigmatic message and doleful news about the other human worlds. Another Halsey merchant, Haarland, asks Ross to come meet with him. This is odd, as Ross works for a rival firm. It turns out that Haarland has some bad news to share. 


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I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway

Not This August

By Cyril Kornbluth  

30 May, 2017

Reds Under The Bed


C. M. Kornbluth’s 1955 Not This August is a standalone novel of what was then the near future. 

April 17, 1965: the bitter war between the United States and its allies — essentially just Canada by this stage of the war — and the combined forces of People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union ends with a glorious victory! But not for the US. America has been invaded, its armies crushed, its government given no choice but to surrender. 

In the aftermath of unconditional surrender, the United States of America is swept away, replaced by the North American People’s Democratic Republic. What this means for former Americans is not clear. 

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A Faithful Soldier, Without Fear

Gunner Cade

By Cyril Kornbluth & Judith Merril  

26 Mar, 2017

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


GunnerCade isan SF adventure novel 1byCyril Kornbluth and Judith Merril, originally published under thepen-name Cyril Judd.

Wow,am I slow on the uptake … it’s just now I see how they came upwith the pen-name.

It is fitting that the Emperor rules. Itis fitting that the Armsmen serve the Emperor through the PowerMaster and our particular Stars. While this is so all will be well,to the end of time.

GunnerCade believes this with every atom of his well-conditioned body. Ifnot for the emperor and the unbending rules Cade and his fellowwarriors serve, the world might fall back into the clutches of the Beetu-Nine, the Beefai-voh, and Beethrie-Six. Thanks to the selflesssacrifice of the Emperor, the world has been secure for ten thousandyears.

Cadeis loyal to a fault and nobody can fault his determination to adhereto the rules. His imagination is sadly deficient, which is why itnever occurs to him he should distrust the elderly commoner. So hequaffs the drugged drink she offers him.

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