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Up Where We Belong

The War in the Air

By H. G. Wells  

4 Nov, 2018

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


H. G. Wells’ 1908’s The War in the Air is a standalone near-future (from the perspective of 1908) military thriller. 

The inevitable march of progress has transformed bucolic Bun Hill into a thriving London suburb. Greengrocer Tom Smallways views this change (and change in general) with the deepest suspicion. His brother Bert, on the other hand, is eager to embrace change, particularly of the sort that involves Bert becoming wealthy. 

Middling bright and uninhibited by any particular sense of ethics, Bert has thus far been denied the riches to which he is so clearly entitled, riches that would enable him to marry the charming Edna. When fate drops into Bert’s lap the chance to make a fortune by selling stolen military information to the Germans, patriotism inhibits Bert not at all. 

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