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Filled To the Brim with Girlish Glee

Three Twins at the Crater School  (Crater School, volume 1)

By Chaz Brenchley  

22 Jun, 2021

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2021’s Three Twins at the Crater School is the first volume in Chaz Brenchley’s Crater School series. 

Whereas the boys of British Mars are usually sent back to Earth for education, the girls of Mars are sent to local schools. Crater School is one such facility. It boards girls from first form through sixth. There they are to be turned into proper, modest, cultured British ladies. Failing that, they can be penned in an isolated location where their exuberance will not disrupt ordinary life.

The novel covers two crises involving three sets of twins: Tawney and Tasha, Levity and Charm, and Rachel and Vanessa.

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