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Secrets Of The Sands

Blue Eye of Horus, volume 1

By Chie Inudou  

13 Dec, 2023



Chie Inudou’s Blue Eye of Horus (Aoi Horus no HitomiDansou no Joou no Monogatari in the original Japanese) is a historical manga focusing on the future Pharoah Hatshepsut. Volume 1 is the first tankōbon.

Years before the story opens, Ahmose established Egypt’s 18th Dynasty by driving the cruel Hyksos from Egypt. Ahmose was succeeded by Amenhotep I and Amenhotep I by Thutmose I. Someday, Thutmose I will die and be succeeded in turn. Luckily for Egypt, Hatshepsut is in almost all ways qualified to take Thutmose I’s place.

Unfortunately for Egypt, the one quality Hatshepsut lacks is one that bars Hatshepsut from ruling traditionalist Egypt.

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