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Reviews from February 2020 (15)

I See Fire


By David A. Trampier  

23 Feb, 2020


David A. Trampier’s cartoon Wormy was serialized in TSR’s Dragon Magazine, running from issue 9 (in 1977) to issue 132 (in 1988). 1988 is long past the cut-off date for the My Tears are Delicious reviews, but enough of Wormys run falls within the Tears’ purview to warrant a look.

The eponymous Wormy is a dragon. 

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Give Me the Rainbow

Land of the Lustrous, book 1

By Ichikawa Haruko  

22 Feb, 2020


Land of the Lustrous by Ichikawa Haruko (Japanese: Hōseki no Kuni, lit. Country of Jewels”) is an ongoing manga series. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine since October 25, 2012; there have been ten collected volumes thus far. Volume One collects the first six issues.

Six times meteors smashed the Earth. Most land was battered and submerged. Humans as we know them are long extinct. 

Humanity does have descendants. Of a sort.

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Way Out in the Country


By Malinda Lo  

21 Feb, 2020

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do

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Malinda Lo’s 2011 secondary-world fantasy Huntress shares a setting with the author’s 2009 Ash.

The seasons are out of balance and the economy is suffering. Several of the Kingdom’s provinces are on the verge of rebellion. Keeping rebellious lords in line requires all the king’s attention. When the queen of the Xi (fairies) requests that he visit and confer, the king declines to go.

He sends an embassy in his place. The personnel: Kaede (the daughter of the king’s closest advisor), Taisin (a young sage), Con (the king’s son), and a host of expendable extras. 

Don’t get too attached to the extras.

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Ice is Slowly Melting

Look Into the Sun  (Messengers, book 2)

By James Patrick Kelly  

20 Feb, 2020

Big Hair, Big Guns!

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1989’s Look Into the Sun was the second volume in James Patrick Kelly’s Messenger Chronicles.

Mid-twentieth century Earth was thrilled when the alien Messengers made contact. The Messengers appear to have been less thrilled to have contacted Earth. The Messengers shared none of their hinted-at technological miracles. They didn’t even invite a divided Earth to join their commonwealth. As far as humanity goes, first contact seems to be a bit of a bust.

Phillip Wing is another matter. The Messengers are very interested in Wing.

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All Safe Inside

Orlando: a Biography

By Virginia Woolf  

19 Feb, 2020

Special Requests


Virginia Woolf’s 1928 Orlando: A Biography is a standalone surrealist fantasy.

Orlando is attractive, creative, and well-born, a trio of qualities that wins the young man a place in Queen Elizabeth’s court. His ability to see beauty in his crushes is rivaled only by his capacity to see flaws in those of whom he has tired. His life at court is a whirlwind of passionate but short-lived affairs.

Until Sasha.

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It May Be Raining


By Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle  

15 Feb, 2020

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s 1976 Inferno is the first installment in their Inferno series. 

Allen Carpentier’s unremarkable science fiction career ends when an attempt to win the love of fans ends with a drunken plummet from an open window to the sidewalk waiting below. 

Allen is very, very dead. He is also still conscious, which is something of a surprise to this agnostic SF writer.

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The Burning Hopes

Empress of All Seasons

By Emiko Jean  

14 Feb, 2020

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do


Emiko Jean’s 2018 Empress of All Seasons is a standalone secondary universe fantasy.

Animal Women have a simple lifestyle: find a gullible human man, seduce him, marry him, take his possessions, and leave. Any girl children who result from the union are raised, while the useless boys are discarded. 

Mari is an Animal Woman to whom fate has been unkind. Almost every Animal Woman is incredibly beautiful. Mari is not. Faced with a daughter unable to befuddle men with her looks, Mari’s mother decided to set her daughter on the path to the loftiest husband of all: an emperor.

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A New World

7 Seeds

By Yumi Tamura  

12 Feb, 2020



Yumi Tamura’s post-apocalyptic manga 7 Seeds was serialized in Shogakukan’s Bessatsu Shōjo Comic magazine from 2001 to 2002, then in Flowers magazine. Its run concluded in May 2017. The full run fills thirty-five bound volumes.

Natsu Iwashimizu goes to sleep in her familiar bedroom. She wakes on a sinking ship, which she narrowly escapes. When she and the other three survivors reach the coast, they find a world transformed.

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