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Unconquerable Sun  (Sun Chronicles, book 1)

By Kate Elliott  

23 Apr, 2020

Space Opera That Doesn't Suck


Kate Elliott’s upcoming space opera, 2020’s Unconquerable Sun, due out July 7th, is the first book in her new series, the Sun Chronicles.

Princess Sun returns to Molossia System having routed the Phene enemy. No official accolades await her. As far as her mother Queen-Marshal Eirene is concerned, Sun was competent, as expected. Nothing worth comment. Sun may be Eirene’s heir but she is held to an impossibly high standard and never loved or praised.

Although she is not fully aware of her danger, Sun’s status as heir is under threat.

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Jane Austen meets Genghis Khan

Jaran  (The Novels of the Jaran, book 1)

By Kate Elliott  

18 Dec, 2014

Special Requests


I picked up 1992’s Jaran in 1992 and what with one thing and another only just now got around to finishing this anthropological romance (as mandated by this very commissioned review). I have read the Crossroads series so I am not unfamiliar with Elliott’s fiction; it’s just this one I didn’t read at the time. Why? It tickled a peculiar and no doubt shameful prejudice of mine, of which more later0.

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