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Dear Ole Golden Rule Days

Witchcraft Works, volume 1

By Ryū Mizunagi  

21 May, 2020


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Ryū Mizunagi’s contemporary fantasy manga Witchcraft Works (Witchikurafuto Wākusu) has been serialized in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine since March 2010. Volume one of the tankōbon series collects the first four installments.

Honoka Takamiya is an unremarkable high school student. His otherwise normal life is subject to ongoing disruption thanks to … propinquity [1]. The statuesque Ayaka Kagari not only has the desk next to Honoka, she takes the same route to school. Her legion of adoring fans sees Honoka’s uninvited (and unwilling) proximity to their idol as an affront to be punished whenever possible.

One day the school’s clock tower is dropped onto Honoka and his life changes forever.

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