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A Dream of Weaving

The Meek

By Der-Shing Helmer  

11 Sep, 2018

Miscellaneous Reviews


The Meek is a webcomic by Der-shing Helmer (last seen here as the author of Mare Internum).

Fifteen year old Angora has been dispatched to save her world by the ancient and powerful giant salamander Mocheril, whom Angora calls Grandfather. Angora is energetic, determined, and able to command plants. She is also fearfully ignorant of the world and deficient in many attributes that would facilitate her quest. 

Her utter lack of clothing proves unpleasantly attention-getting. 

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Near Beyond the Moon

Mare Internum

By Der-Shing Helmer  

30 Aug, 2018

Special Requests


Der-shing Helmers Mare Internum is an ongoing hard-SF webcomic. 

Doctor Mike Fisher is one of the elite few chosen to explore Mars, now in the initial stages of colonization. Or rather, he was. Bitter, alarmingly hostile, and socially isolated, he was fired after the loss of his artificially intelligent LEVi robot in the mysterious catacombs under the Martian surface. As soon as transportation is available, he will be sent back to Earth. 

Before he goes, however, newly arrived Doctor Rebekah Bex” Egunsola would like to take advantage of Mike’s EVA skills. Initially reluctant to venture back into the Martian caves, Mike allows himself to be talked around. It’s just one quick foray into the labyrinth. What could go wrong? 

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