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Wartime First Contact

Cold Allies — Patricia Anthony

1993’s Cold Allies was the late Patricia Anthony’s debut novel. It was followed by six more novels over the next five years: Conscience of the Beagle (1993), Happy Policeman (1994), Cradle of Splendor (1996), God’s Fires (1997), and Flanders (1998). After Flanders, silence save for one short story, 1999’s “Mercy’s Children”, and one posthumous novel, The Sighting, published by Wildside in 2015.

Cold Allies introduces us to a 21st century transformed by abrupt and dramatic climate change. Desperate economic migrants flee across North America only to find themselves confined to camps or worse. In the Old World, new armies follow ancient invasion routes to win a new homeland for themselves.

Climate change, agricultural collapse, and invasions are only part of the story. There are also the aliens….

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