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Growing Up in World War III

Fortuna  (The Nova Vita Protocol, volume 1)

By Kristyn Merbeth  

8 Feb, 2020

Space Opera That Doesn't Suck


2019’s Fortuna is the first volume in Kristyn Merbeth’s The Nova Vita Protocol.

Many decades ago a fleet of generation ships carried refugees from doomed Earth to Nova Vita, a nearby red dwarf. There humans settled five worlds with native biospheres: Nibiru, Deva, Pax, Titan, and Gaia. Faced with the challenge of adapting to alien planets, humans did what humans do best: they turned on each other.

Interplanetary trader Mama Kaiser has no illusions about the future of her children. The paranoid governments of Nova Vita dislike and distrust anyone from other planets. The best that Interplanetary vagabonds can expect is grudging indifference. The only people who will look out for the Kaisers are Kaisers. Blood above all!

Which didn’t prevent Corvus Kaiser from signing up for a three-year tour in Titan’s endless civil war. 

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