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Shadows of the World Appear


By Eric Goldberg, Gerard C. Klug, David James Ritchie, Edward J. Woods & Redmond A. Simonsen  

18 Mar, 2018

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


SimulationPublications, Inc.’s 1980 roleplaying game DragonQuest(DQfor short) is the third game in the trifecta of RPGs on which Iimprinted some thirty-eight years ago. Principle designers were EricGoldberg, Gerard C. Klug, David James Ritchie, Edward J. Woods, andRedmond A. Simonsen.

Notabene: I am cheating a bit because I’ve long since lost my originalbox with its three stapled booklets. Instead I wrote this reviewbased on my second edition hardcover, which I acquired after I turnedtwenty. 

Myother RPG faves were Runequestand Traveller.DragonQuestwasa fantasy RPG, as wasRunequest.TravellerwasSF. But RQandTravellerwerealike in that they both had extensively developed campaign settings1. DQ,on the other hand, assumed a bog-standard medieval fantasy Europe butfailed to flesh it out. This is because DQwas published by a company that was doomed. Doomed, I tell you,doomed.

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