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Hidden Sun  (Shadowlands, volume 1)

By Jaine Fenn  

5 Jan, 2019

Miscellaneous Reviews


2018’s Hidden Sun is the first volume in Jaine Fenn’s Shadowlands series. 

Disfigured in a mishap, aristocratic shadowkin Rhia disregards convention and indulges her scholarly interests. 

Dej is also unconventional, but she’s not as lucky. She’s a skykin and so a lesser being in the eyes of the shadowkin who run the creche that raised her. Rhia can flout rules; Dej cannot. She is punished for disobedience and eventually sent back to her people, the skykins, who lead hard lives under the bright sun of the skylands. 

Who would expect that these two women, of such different backgrounds and tastes, would ever meet? 

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