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Black As Blind

Land of Milk and Honey

By C Pam Zhang  

24 Nov, 2023

Doing the WFC's Homework

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C Pam Zhang’s 2023 Land of Milk and Honey is a stand-alone near-future SF novel.

As crop-killing smog spreads across Earth, leaving famine in its wake, people across the planet unite to do what humans do best: scapegoat minorities and engage in ethnic cleansing programs.

Asian-Americans were high on the US’s list of people to eject. Nevertheless, the protagonist, an unnamed chef, hopes to one day earn enough points to return to the United States. To do so the chef will have to clear the debt she inherited from her late mother — America no longer wants the bodies of its former citizen but it most certainly expects to be paid all monies owed. Yet earning enough money seems impossible.

Enter a visionary oligarch, who is looking for skills that the chef can offer.

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