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Hypnotized By Your Destiny

Destinies, April-June 1979  (Destinies, # 3)

 Edited by Jim Baen 

25 Sep, 2022

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Destinies, April-June 1979 was the third issue in the first volume of Destinies, the paperback magazine of science fiction and speculative fact1.”

As previously established, Destinies is a long-defunct magazine for which I have memories both fond and spotty. Those two characteristics may be linked. This is one of the issues for which I have no particular memories on looking at the cover. Enticement to look inside!

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Saturday Night Dark Masquerade

The Taking of Satcon Station  (Asher Bockhorn, volume 1)

By Jim Baen & Barney Cohen  

31 Oct, 2019

Big Hair, Big Guns!


Barney Cohen and Jim Baen’s The Taking of Satcon Station is an SF mystery. It is also the sole Jim Baen novel of which I am aware. This is not entirely a bad thing. 

Despite the best efforts of UN red tape to impede space enterprise, a century of development has seen the building of space facilities spanning Earth orbit to the Asteroid Belt. Once the US Space Command enforced the rules. Now that is the domain of Fleet Agents like Bockhorn, working for space concerns like MexAmerican & Pacific. 

As the book opens, Bockhorn is stubbing out his cigarette before disembarking at Satcon Station. In its day, Satcon was a hotbed of cutting-edge research. Most people would say those days are long behind the eighty-eight-year-old station. Most people would be wrong: there’s a very bold project underway on Satcon. Bockhorn is going to find himself up to his … let’s say eyebrows… in it.

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Songs That May No Longer Please Us

Destinies, November – December 1978

By Jim Baen  

24 Feb, 2019

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Destinies, November – December 1978 was the debut issue of Jim Baen’s bookazine Destinies. Destinies ran from late 1978 to summer of 1981. There were eleven issues, each the size of a mass market paperback; there was a Best-of anthology as well1. Back in the day, I was an avid magazine reader and this was one of my favourite magazines. 

Odd that until I reread this volume I did not remember it at all. 

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A Thousand Yesterdays

Galaxy Magazine, April 1977

 Edited by Jim Baen 

27 May, 2018

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


When I first encountered Galaxy Magazine (I had picked up the April 1977 issue on a whim1) it was only three years away from its final issue2. Of course I had no idea that it was doomed, nor that the issue I selected was the product of something of a renaissance for the magazine, thanks to editor Jim Baen. That first encounter was satisfying enough that I bought newsstand copies until the demise of the magazine made that impossible.

How does the issue stand up two generations later?

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