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The Flame That’s in Her Eyes

The Universe Against Her  (Telzey Amberdon, volume 1)

By James H. Schmitz  

20 Sep, 2020

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


James H. Schmitz’s 1964 The Universe Against Her is a fix-up and expansion of the novelette Novice(1962) and the novella Undercurrents (1964).

Telzey Amberdon is a bright, fifteen-year-old second-year law student at the prestigious Pehanron College on Orado. Unfortunately for her, Telzey is not currently on Orado. She is on Jontarou, visiting her least-lovable aunt, Halet. Halet is full of saccharine spite; she has plans for her excessively intellectual niece. 

Halet is not the only person in whose schemes Telzey features.

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Dark Is Bright As Fire

The Witches of Karres

By James H. Schmitz  

17 Dec, 2017

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1966’s The Witches of Karres is James H. Schmitz’s novel-length expansion of his 1949 novelette of the same name. It is a standalone space opera.

Given an aged starship and a cargo of dubious value, naive Captain Pausert headed out into space in search of a fortune and his prospective father-in-law’s respect. If he had not also been hobbled by his own essential decency, he might have realized his dreams.

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