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Lost in the Garden of Eden

The City of the Sun  (Daedalus Mission, volume 4)

By Brian M. Stableford  

11 Nov, 2018

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1978’s The City of the Sun is the fourth novel in Brian M. Stableford’s Daedalus Mission series. 

Earth’s first expedition to recontact its abandoned colonies found only empty worlds, worlds where colonists had been overwhelmed by local conditions. The Daedalus Mission is the second expedition, sent out to assist colonies when possible and to determine the reason for the colony’s demise if defunct. Thus far the crew of the Daedalus (Nathan, Linda, Conrad, Karen, Pete, Mariel and Alex) have found two surviving (if odd) colonies and one world where humans were horribly transformed by unforeseen local conditions. 

As far as they can tell from orbit, Arcadia seems to have failed utterly. Then the expedition spots one lone city. 

Here there be spoilers

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