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Gonna Have to Serve Somebody

Realm of Ash  (Books of Ambha, volume 2)

By Tasha Suri  

22 Nov, 2019

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do


2019’s Realm of Ash is the second volume in Tasha Suri’s series, Books of Ambha.

Arwa’s family hoped that her marriage would raise the family’s diminished status. But a brutal massacre at Darez Fort left her a widow. Widowhood means loss of position, of status, of any chance of remarriage. She is banished to a secluded retreat for upper class widows.

Arwa has a secret. She believes the massacre was her fault and that she is cursed. She is, after all, not the proper Ambhan lady she appears to be.

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Sounds Like a Whisper

Empire of Sand  (The Books of Ambha, volume 1)

By Tasha Suri  

27 Jun, 2018

Miscellaneous Reviews


Empire of Sand is the first book in Tasha Suri’s new series, The Books of Ambha.

Being the daughter of Governor of Irinah has its benefits, even for illegitimate children, like Mehr. Benefits even though her exiled mother was an Amrithi, a folk despised by the Ambhan ruling class. Mehr appreciates her privileges only when she loses them. 

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