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There Was Two of Everthing But One of Me


By Rosel George Brown & Keith Laumer  

2 Apr, 2017

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


TheKeith Laumer and Rosel George Brown 1966 collaboration Earthbloodisa standalone space opera. 

AlthoughRoan’s adopted father Raff was only a mutant human, and his adoptedmother Bella a lowly Yill. Roan himself was a true-bloodedpure-strain Terran — something not seen in the galaxy since theImperial Terran Navy was swept from the skies by the Niss, fivethousand years earlier. Where Roan came from, and how he found hisway to a backwater world like Tambool, neither Raff nor Bella canguess. What they do know is they love their adopted son and intend toraise him as best they can.

Butin a galaxy populated by mutants and aliens, can there be room foreven one true human?

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