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Everything’s Broken

Defekt  (LitenVerse, volume 2)

By Nino Cipri  

29 Apr, 2021

Miscellaneous Reviews


Nino Cipri’s 2021 Defekt is the second volume in their LitenVerse series.

Derek lives for work. What could be grander than waking up each morning in his repurposed shipping container, lavishly furnished with damaged-and-returned LitenVärld products, at the back of the LitenVärld parking lot, knowing that he will spend the whole day attending to customers’ needs? Unfortunately, his fellow employees do not share Derek’s sense of purpose. More work for Derek! 

All good things come to an end. 

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Heartaches by the Number


By Nino Cipri  

26 Sep, 2019

Miscellaneous Reviews


Nino Cipri’s 2020 Finna is a standalone SF novella. 

Heartbroken over her breakup with Jules, Ava has rearranged her life to minimize contact with her ex. A challenging task, given that the pair both work at soulless big box store LitenVärld. Still, careful schedule management should do the trick. At least if fucking Derek doesn’t call in sick, obligating Ava come in to work on what should be an off-day. 

The resulting encounter between the former couple is as uncomfortable as it is unwanted. But it could be worse — and is. 

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