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Secrets From A Girl

Braking Day

By Adam Oyebanji  

1 Apr, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework

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Adam Oyebanji’s 2022 debut Braking Day is that rare bird, a stand-alone science fiction novel1.

Seven generations ago, three vast generation ships—Archimedes, Bohr, and Chandrasekar—fled the soft tyranny of AI-run nanny-state Earth for the freedom of whatever waited in the Tau Ceti system. Generations of sacrifice have paid off. The fleet is approaching Tau Ceti, where a sufficiently Earthlike world awaits human settlement. The promised day looms! 

As Midshipman Ravi MacLeod will discover, the above is true but it is hardly the full truth. What was left out of the official history may be enough to kill everyone on Archimedes, Bohr, and Chandrasekar.

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