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To Books I Am Beholden

Servant of the Crown  (Tremontane, volume 1)

By Melissa McShane  

2 Apr, 2019

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Servant of the Crown is the first volume in Melissa McShane’s Tremontane series. 

Alison Quinn, Countess of Waxwold, distrusts men. Every man she has ever met has wanted her title, her money, and/or her body. She has turned her back on romance to focus on her father’s publishing company. But rank comes with obligations. When Queen Zara North summons Alison to Aurilien to serve as a companion to Zara’s mother, the Dowager Queen, Alison has no choice but to obey. 

The Dowager Queen is friendly, if a bit naïve. Her son Anthony is also friendly. Too friendly. As the heir apparent to the unmarried and childless Zara, he is confident that he is irresistible. 

Alison and Anthony’s first meeting ends in a slap heard around the court. 

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Candle On The Water

Burning Bright  (Extraordinaries, volume 1)

By Melissa McShane  

19 Mar, 2019

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2016’s Burning Bright is the first volume of Melissa McShane’s Extraordinaries series. 

Elinor Pembroke discovers she has extraordinary powers when she wakes to discover her bedchamber is on fire. She extinguishes the flames with a thought. This marks her not just as a so-called scorcher, a pyrokinetic, but as the very special sort of scorcher who can control and dismiss the flames she creates. 

Since the year is 1812, this means that Elinor is no longer an unremarkable middle sister well on her way towards spinsterhood. She’s now a valuable commodity on the marriage mart. Her father is eager to hawk her to the first sufficiently well-born prospect. 

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The Smoke-Scented Girl  (Dalanine, volume 1)

By Melissa McShane  

9 Mar, 2019

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2015’s The Smoke-Scented Girl is the first volume in Melissa McShane’s Dalanine secondary-universe fantasy series. 

The kingdom of Dalanine is under attack. The Despot is marching steadily, unstoppably, towards the capital. Dalanine is also dealing with a rash of deadly arson attacks. 

Research magician Evon Lorantis is working desperately to work out who or what agency is causing the fires. 

What he discovers: a young woman who can’t control her new powers. 

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