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Start Each Day With A Song


By Léo  (Translated by Luke Spear)

1 Mar, 2023


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Léo’s science fiction graphic novel series Aldebaran was first serialized between 1994 and 1998. Aldebaran is available in English in three volumes: Volume 1 — The Catastrophe, Volume 2 — The Group, and Volume 3 — The Creature. The English translation is by Luke Spear.

Faster-than-light travel appeared to offer humanity an escape from worsening conditions on Earth. Only a single colony ship managed to deliver its settlers to the Earth-like world orbiting Aldebaran before contact was lost with Earth. In the century since, the colonists have done their best to create a viable civilization.

Colonist Mark Sorenson is determined to win the heart of Kelly Keller. Unfortunately for the love-smitten seventeen-year-old, Kelly has eyes only for hunky Lindon Gropius. It’s a painful situation that Kelly’s younger sister Kim is quick to mock.

Luckily for Mark, his romantic woes will soon be irrelevant.

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