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Never Meant To Do Any Harm


By John McCrae  

11 Jun, 2020

Special Requests

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John McCrae (AKA Wildbow)’s Worm is a superhero novel serialized on the web between 2011 and 2013.

Superhero may be a misnomer. Superhuman might be a better term.

Taylor Hebert is a seemingly unremarkable teenager singled out for a never-ending campaign of verbal and physical abuse from a trio of mean-girl bullies. Aware that school authorities are worse than useless when it comes to bullying, Taylor doesn’t complain. She grits her teeth and endures each painful day at school.

Luckily she has interests outside academia. She has superpowers, a nearly finished costume, and ambitions to become Brockton Bay’s newest superhero. Too bad that’s not quite how it works out.

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