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Tears of Rage

Gachiakuta, volume 1

By Kei Urana  

10 Aug, 2022



Kei Urana’s Gachiakuta is an ongoing dark-fantasy manga series. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazinesince February 162022

Known to some (but probably not those who live there) as Heaven, the town idealizes order. Possessions are treasured as long as they are pristine. Flawed objects are sequestered until they can be discarded into the Abyss. The town treats its tribals” much the same way. Tribals are the descendants of criminals; they are segregated in slums, apart from the good people of the town, until such time as cause is found to throw a tribal or two into the Abyss. 

Rudo’s father was a murderer, cast down ages ago. Rudo is a notorious trash scavenger, an egregious refuse recycler. With the exception of his beloved stepfather Regto and potential love interest Chiwa, everyone in the slums expects Rudo to follow in his father’s footsteps. Blood will always tell. 

When Rudo is found standing over Regto’s body, covered in Regto’s blood, Rudo is immediately arrested.

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