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Blow, Winds

Tornado Alley

By William Tuning  

5 Mar, 2023

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


William Tuning’s 1978 Tornado Alley is a stand-alone near-future SF novel. 

Dr. Graham’s claim that a large (but conventional) explosive delivered in the correct manner can disrupt tornadoes finds a welcome audience in California’s Junior Senator Jill Kernan. Jill is aware of how much tornadoes cost America. Lives lost, buildings destroyed. But she also knows this in a deep, personal way: as a child, she was orphaned by a tornado.

The science of the tornado disruption technique is solid. That leaves merely implementation issues, such as who will pay for this,” who will administer the program,” and how can we scrounge the necessary equipment?” Step one: interminable senate hearings.

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