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See My Lightning, Hear My Thunder

Stay Crazy

By Erika L. Satifka  

6 Dec, 2016

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2016s urban fantasy Stay Crazy is Erika L. Satifka’s debut novel.

Emmeline Em” Kalberg has experienced a college-ending mental breakdown. She returns home to Clear Falls, Pennsylvania, where she struggles with what is diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. She must also deal with her disappointed mother and her newly devout, very judgmental sister Jackie. 

Clear Falls is the quintessential Rust Belt community: independent businesses a fading memory, giant soulless big-box stores offering shabby goods and shabbier jobs to the defeated inhabitants of a once-prosperous town. No big-box store is more soulless than Savertown USA. Of course, it’s at Savertown USA that Em’s mother finds the reluctant Em a job. 

It’s a crappy job that pays poorly, but at least Em has voices in her head to keep her company. Well, at least one voice.

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