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In American stories, try to be the youngest heir

The Phoenix in Flight  (Exordium, book 1)

By Sherwood Smith & Dave Trowbridge  

7 Dec, 2015

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1993’sThe Phoenixin Flight isthe first volume in Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge’sExordium pentology.There is a new edition of this volume, but this review is of the 1993edition, because that is the edition I happen to have on hand.

Eusabian,Lord of Vengeance, avatar of Dol, grumpiest Dol’jharian of all, haslong yearned to punish the Panarchy for defeating Dol’jhar somedecades ago. The main problem facing Eusabian is that the Panarchydraws on the resources of the many races and worlds of the ThousandStars1; Dol’jhar draws on the resources of … Dol’jhar, a cold,bleak, poor planet.

Butnow Eusabian has learned how to exploit the still-functioning relicsof the long-vanished Ur. With the Ur’s instant communications andtheir stupendous power sources in his possession, the balance ofpower has tilted decisively in Eusabian’s favour. The time has comefor his vendetta, his ritual paliach.Which in its purest form ends with the display of the severed head ofthe enemy. 

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