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Holy Klono’s Tungsten Teeth And Curving Carballoy Claws!

Galactic Patrol  (Lensman, volume 3 Lensman, volume 2)

By E. E. "Doc" Smith  

23 Oct, 2022

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1950’s1 Galactic Patrol is either the third (if you count Triplanetary) volume in E. E. Doc” Smith’s Lensman series, or the second (if you don’t count Triplanetary).

Inertialess flight made interstellar travel as convenient as a trip down the road to the chemist’s. The result is a golden age of exploration, contact, and trade. It’s also a golden age of criminality, as space criminals can flee out of jurisdiction as easily as a 20thcentury American gangster could flee across state lines. For Civilization to prevail, lawlessness must be punished. To that end, the Patrol was founded!

Kimball Kinnison is not merely among the one in ten thousand who made it through the grueling Patrol training course. He is his class’s top graduate. He will need all of his ability to deal with … Boskone!

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a thousand lances of energy intolerable

Grey Lensman  (Lensman, volume 4)

By E. E. "Doc" Smith  

31 Jan, 2015

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Doc Smith isn’t one of my favourite authors. Recently, someone else’s review led me to wonder why I can ignore archaic writing styles to enjoy other pulp authors, but cannot do so for Doc Smith. One way to answer the question is to reread the very first Smith I ever read, Gray Lensman. This book was originally serialized in Astounding in 1939; I read a 1970s reprint of the 1951 novel version. I now know why I didn’t like Smith. I have to warn you, it’s a pretty stupid reason. 

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