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Let Me Sail

The Ship Beyond Time  (Girl From Everywhere, volume 2)

By Heidi Heilig  

8 Dec, 2023

Doing the WFC's Homework


2017’s The Ship Beyond Time is the second volume in Heidi Heilig’s Girl From Everywhere nautical time-travel series.

Nix is at risk of erasure from history. She will never have existed if her addict father, Slate, perseveres in his quest to save his beloved wife by rewriting the history that led to both her death and Nix’s birth. Nix takes command of her father’s ship Temptation. Under her command, the ship will continue to travel between the eras, as well as to the lands of legend1.

In theory. In practice, just how much control Nix has over events is unclear at best.

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Fly Away

For a Muse of Fire  (Shadow Players)

By Heidi Heilig  

6 Aug, 2021

Doing the WFC's Homework


2018’s For a Muse of Fire is the first volume in Heidi Heilig’s Shadow Players secondary-world fantasy trilogy.

Aquitan’s armies suppressed Le Trépas, the mad monk terrorizing Chakrana, then occupied Chakrana. They are there, they declare, to ensure that Chakrana’s boy king Raik Alendra will peacefully ascend the throne. In the meantime, Aquitan is benevolently guiding Chakrana to true civilization, which is of course Aquitanian. This means suppressing the bad old ways, such as monasticism. The result: civil war. 

It’s a good time to flee Chakrana, as Jetta and her family are planning to do. They are travelling players; they fear running into Aquitan soldiers or perhaps freedom fighters and bandits (who are not always clearly distinguishable). Not only that: Jetta needs medical treatment available only in Aquitan.

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The Ship That Sailed the Time Stream

The Girl From Everywhere  (The Girl From Everywhere, volume 1)

By Heidi Heilig  

10 May, 2019

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do


2016’s The Girl From Everywhere is the first volume in Heidi Heilig’s YA time-travel series, The Girl From Everywhere. 

Sixteen-year-old Nix Song has seen more of the world than most people. She has spent most of her life on her father’s ship, the Temptation, sailing the seven seas … and the timestream. Her father, Slate, is a Navigator. His special powers mean that all of recorded history is within reach. 

There is of course a catch. 

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