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Missionary astray

The Accidental Terrorist — William Shunn

I’ve read a lot of SF, but there’s a heck of a lot of it. More than I could read in my lifetime. That’s why this is the first book by William Shunn I’ve ever read, even though he has been publishing for decades and has been nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula1. But … this book is not SF; it is autobiography.

Shunn has done a lot of interesting things. He was part of the team that wrote the venerable word-processing program, Wordperfect, which many of us still feel was better than the Word that replaced it as the business standard. He was also something of a celebrity in Canada in the mid-1980s.

William Shunn was the earnest young Mormon missionary whose bomb threat to Flight 789 made newspaper headlines all across Canada.

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