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Ride To the End of The Road

The Net

By Loren J. MacGregor  

11 Oct, 2022

Terry Carr's Third Ace Science Fiction Specials


Loren J. MacGregor’s 1987 The Net is a stand-alone science fiction novel. The Net was the eighth book in Terry Carr’s Third Ace Science Fiction Specials.

Jason Horiuchi, chief executive officer of Horiuchi, Pte., could control the family trust from the comfort of a lavish office. She prefers to ensconce herself in the well-appointed but diminutive starship Argo, cosplaying a tramp freighter captain. Jason claims that her mobility gives her better insight into the trust’s far-flung holdings. Her success in reversing the trust’s decline would seem to support this. 

There is, however, a second, more compelling reason why Jason has adopted her current lifestyle.

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