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Rise From the Ashes

Kingdom of Souls

By Rena Barron  

23 Sep, 2019

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do


Rena Barron’s 2019 Kingdom of Souls is a young-adult secondary-universe fantasy. 

Arrah is the daughter of powerful parents. Her father is a respected witchdoctor, an honorary member of the Aatari tribe’s ruling council, the edam. Her mother Arti occupies an even loftier position as Ka-Priestess. It is the third most powerful position in the Kingdom. Arrah, alas, has as much magical power as a hollow gourd. Some folks like her prove to be late bloomers of remarkable ability. Arrah is increasingly convinced she is just a magicless failure. 

There are ways for the powerless to gain power. They’re costly. One would have to be desperate to try them. Soon, Arrah will be desperate enough. 

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