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They Will Not Control Us

Renegades  (Renegades, volume 1)

By Marissa Meyer  

18 Jun, 2019

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2017’s Renegades is the first volume in Marissa Meyer’s novel series, also known as Renegades. 

Once prodigies (people with superpowers) were feared and oppressed. Thanks to the efforts of paramount prodigy Ace Artino (AKA Ace Anarchy) prodigies were feared but no longer oppressed, albeit at the cost of the temporary collapse of civilization during the Age of Anarchy. 

The super-powered Renegades ended the Age of Anarchy by crushing every rival group. Based in Gatlon City, the Renegades have replaced the vanished civilian government with their own (well-intended) rule. This new arrangement is short on democratic niceties but it’s better than the never-ending gang war it replaced. Most people are willing to live with rule by Renegade. 

But not Nova Nightmare” Artino. 

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