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A forgotten Canadian classic

The Garden

By Jasper MacDonald King  

11 Nov, 2015

Not Actually A Review


Canadian author Jasper MacDonald King was, in his day, a bestselling author of children’s fantasy. In recent years, certain politically correct” critics have chosen to ignore his delightful fiction and focus on aspects of his life that were admittedly regrettable — the letter to his distant cousin the Prime Minister urging that the St Louis be turned away, his participation in the Orange Order’s annual flogging Catholics through the streets” celebration (the use of an actual Catholic was discontinued in 1978, I might point out) and his status as the last person to be hanged in Canada (following the discoveries in his garden and a sensational 1952 trial ) — but surely these are mere distractions from the undeniable truth that he wrote some jolly good books. Whatever his life and opinions may have been, surely his fiction can be enjoyed for what it is. 

Of all King’s books, none is more beloved than 1938’s The Garden.

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