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Searching Every Which Way

Too Many Magicians  (Lord Darcy, volume 1)

By Randall Garrett  

4 Dec, 2022

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1966’s Too Many Magicians is Randall Garrett’s1 sole novel-length Lord Darcy work. The Lord Darcy works were alternate-history fantasy cozy police procedurals.

In a world in which Richard the Lion-Hearted lived thirteen years longer, a world in which magic was codified in the 14th century, a world in which the Angevin Empire is a great power, Lord Darcy serves as Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy, solving crimes with remarkable powers of observation and deduction. His latest case may prove a difficult one, as the primary suspect appears to be his dutiful sorcerer associate, Master Sean O’Lochlainn.

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Lost at the End of the World

The Steel of Raithskar  (Gandalara, volume 1)

By Randall Garrett & Vicki Ann Heydron  

28 Apr, 2020

Special Requests


Vicki Ann Heydron and Randall Garrett’s 19811 The Steel of Raithskar is the first volume in their Gandalara sword and sorcery fantasy series2.

Aged Richard Carillo sets out on a cruise expecting to live only a few months before untreatable terminal illness kills him. The incandescent meteor falling from the sky comes as a surprise. 

Waking up after being hit by a bolide is also unexpected. The surprises keep coming.

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