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Glimmer From Afar

Witch Life in a Micro Room, volume 1

By Akitaka  

20 Mar, 2024



Akitaka’s Witch Life in a Micro Room, Vol. 1 (Rokujou Hitoma no Majo Life in the original Japanese) is the first tankōbon for Akitaka’s slice-of-life modern fantasy manga. The 2024 English translation is by Abby Lehrke.

Technology has pushed old magic aside… for the most part. A few lucky witches have found ways to parlay their magical knowledge into fame and fortune. Roommates Madge and Lilika are determined to be among that number.

Lamentably for the ambitious pair, Madge and Lilika are c‑grade witches living hand-to-mouth in an absurdly tiny, run-down apartment.

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