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Talking to the Moon

The Heavenly Sword  (Sword Maiden from the Moon, volume 1)

By Alice Poon  

2 Jun, 2023

Doing the WFC's Homework

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2023’s The Heavenly Sword is the first novel in Alice Poon’s Sword Maiden from the Moon historical fantasy series.

China has been liberated from the cruel Mongols, who have been replaced by the Ming dynasty. While it’s true that the government is still cruel, capricious, and dangerous to the Chinese person in the street, at least the Ming are Han Chinese.

Tang Sai’er’s native Shandong province suffered greatly during the overthrow of the Yuan. Extreme prudence with regard to the current dynasty is the key to long life. Alas for Sai’er, she is fated to play a role that is significant but in no way safe.

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