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Who to turn to but the French?

Dreaming 2074

By Xavier Mauméjean, Olivier Paquet, Samantha Bailley, Roque Rivas, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Anne Fakhouri, Joëlle Wintrebert & Alain Rey Edited by Comité Colbert 

3 Dec, 2014



The shared world anthology Dreaming 2074: A Utopia Created by French Luxury puts its central conceit right there in the subtitle. Commissioned by the Comité Colbert — 78 firms from the French luxury sector and 14 cultural institutions, which have joined together through common values” — the anthology (comprising short stories and other works) uses a shared universe to paint a picture of a 2074 that has weathered calamity to become a world materially and culturally superior to our own. 

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