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Out of the Sky

Juniper Time

By Kate Wilhelm  

27 Aug, 2023

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Kate Wilhelm’s 1979 Juniper Time is a stand-alone climate catastrophe novel.

Jean Brighton’s father is an astronaut, a true believer convinced that the space program in gener al and the space station in particular will produce results justifying the expense. America being beset by local effects of an ever-increasing global drought, public support for the space station is waning. Following Jean’s father’s accidental death, the program is put on hold … for a time.

Fast forward a decade or so. The children of the astronauts who worked on the almost completed space station are adults. They are ready to take up their parents’ cause. Except Jean, who is a linguist, not an engineer, and who hated the space station for stealing her father.

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