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Another Measure in the Mystery

The Bone Witch  (Bone Witch, volume 1)

By Rin Chupeco  

2 Apr, 2021

Doing the WFC's Homework

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2017’s The Bone Witch is the first volume of Rin Chupeco’s Bone Witch trilogy. 

The witches of the village of Knightscross predict a wonderous future for Tea, although their prognostications are short on specifics. Further clarification arrives after the tragic death of Tea’s brother Fox, a soldier slain by a daeva, a wandering monster. Overwrought with grief, Tea raises her brother from the dead. Or at least, she raises him. Fox is still dead but he is conscious and mobile once more.

Tea is a bone witch, a necromancer.

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Does Anybody Hear Me

The Girl From The Well

By Rin Chupeco  

13 Jun, 2019

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do

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Rin Chupeco’s 2014 The Girl From the Well is a horror novel. 

In the centuries since her lord betrayed and murdered her, Okiku has never found the peace that would allow her to leave this mundane world. She cannot take revenge on the men who tossed her down a well; they’re all dead. Consumed by a fury she can never slake, Okiku has turned her anger in another direction. She wanders the Earth, killing those who murder children. 

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