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A Stranger at Her Place

Mirage  (Mirage, volume 1)

By Somaiya Daud  

23 Oct, 2018


2018’s Mirage is the first novel in Somaiya Daud’s Mirage series. It is her debut novel. 

When environmental collapse forced the Vathek from their homeworld, they conquered new worlds. Amani’s world Cadiz was one of the Vathek’s victims. Her world was invaded, defeated, then ruled with ruthless brutality. 

As long as she keeps her head down, the worst Amani has to fear is death by starvation or random mass execution. Terrible fates but nothing personal. Amani is not so lucky: she has one remarkable quality that will mark her out for an extremely odd yet dangerous role in the Vathek state. 

She looks just like a certain Vathek princess. 

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