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Here Beside The Rising Tide

Fathomfolk  (Drowned City, volume 1)

By Eliza Chan  

1 Mar, 2024

Doing the WFC's Homework

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2024’s Fathomfolk is the first entry in Eliza Chan’s Drowned City secondary-fantasy-world series.

Mixed-race Mira is all siren in the eyes of the humans who run the semi-submerged city Tiankawi; she’s also permanently second-class thanks to her Fathomfolk blood. A career spent proving herself to the humans earns historical recognition: Mira is promoted to captain of the border guard, the first Folk to be deemed worthy of such a rank.

The rank comes with unpleasant baggage, not least of which is the fact that her job will consist almost entirely of keeping her fellow Folk in line.

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