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The Bright and Shiny Book

The Invisible Library  (The Invisible Library, volume 1)

By Genevieve Cogman  

18 Sep, 2018

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2014’s The Invisible Library is the first volume in Genevieve Cogman’s Invisible Library series. 

The Invisible Library exists outside time itself. It is a repository of books gathered from many timestreams: worlds where science, reason, and logic reign supreme, worlds of fantasy, worlds tainted by chaos. Irene, child of two Librarians, was born to her role. She is a book scrounger supreme, adept at infiltrating alternate worlds, locating specific rare books, and stealing them for the Library. 

Ideally, she does this without leaving any trace of her involvement. As the opening scene of the novel establishes, sometimes she has to settle for legging it with the goods while pursued by gargoyles. It’s a living. 

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