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Ready or Not!

In the Black  (Intersection Space, volume 1)

By Patrick S. Tomlinson  

4 Jun, 2020

Military Speculative Fiction That Doesn't Suck


Patrick S. Tomlinson’s 2020 In the Black is the first volume in his projected Intersection Space series. 

Peace has reigned between humans and the alien Xre for seventy years, ever since the end of the Intersection War. Now, as Captain Kamala of the Combined Corporate Defense Fleet Ansari is going to discover, the Xre appear to be interested in testing human resolve. 

CCDF Ansaris sensor drones are spread across the 82 Eridani system, ever vigilant for any sign of alien incursion. No threat to stakeholder interests will be overlooked. One might expect the end of the long peace to come in a flurry of fireworks. In this case, the first hint that something is up comes as silence. One by one, the sensor drones are falling quiet.

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Within the Sound of Silence

Children of the Divide  (Children of a Dead Earth, volume 3)

By Patrick S. Tomlinson  

27 Nov, 2017

Miscellaneous Reviews


2017’s Children of the Divide is the third but probably not final volume in Patrick S. Tomlinson’s Children of a Dead Earth series.

A generation after their ark parked in orbit around Gaea (one of Tau Ceti’s life-bearing worlds), the refugees are well on their way to building a new civilization to replace the one they lost. There are just two problems: 

  1. Tensions between humans and Gaean natives could result in civil war. 

  2. The aliens who destroyed Earth may have once lived in the Tau Ceti system — and may return.

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