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You Get To Meet All Sorts In This Line Of Work

Hammers on Bone  (Persons Non Grata, book 1)

By Cassandra Khaw  

26 Jan, 2017

Miscellaneous Reviews


2016’s Hammers on Bone is the first work in Cassandra Khaws Persons Non Grata series.

The sign on his door says John Persons, PI”. It doesn’t say John Persons, Killer for Hire.” Abel, the kid currently on the other side of Persons desk, wants a killer, someone who will deal with his stepdad McKinsey before the stepdad can kill Abel and his brother James.

Persons has killed, but only in self-defence. Just like any other completely normal person. Persons is trying very hard to be a normal person. Abel is convinced that there’s more to Persons than meets the eye and he’s a very persuasive kid. Persons agrees to take a look at the stepdad and proceed as seems … ethical.

A faint mewling voice in the back of Persons’ head thinks that this is the right choice.

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