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Me Say War

86 — Eighty-Six  (Eighty-Six, volume 1)

By Asato Asato  

12 May, 2021



86 — Eighty-Six1 is the first volume in Asato Asato’s Eighty-Six military SF series. Illustrations are by Shirabii. Translation is by Roman Lempert. It is a light novel. 

The Republic of San Magnolia lost half its territory when the neighboring Giadian Empire attacked with superior numbers and sophisticated autonomous robots. Nothing for it but to rise to the occasion with San Magnolia’s own autonomous weapons. 

Regrettably, the Republic’s virtues do not extend to robotics anywhere as advanced as achieved by Giadian tech. San Magnolia’s autonomous robot weapons do not in fact work in battlefield conditions. San Magnolia’s bold visionaries solved this problem with a courageous decision: equip their autonomous weapons with Processors, pilots the Republic’s majority consider subhuman, the so-called 86s.

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